The delightful news of deepika Padukone's pregnancy, expecting her first child in September, has sparked joy among fans. However, this celebratory announcement has also stirred questions regarding the completion of Deepika's ongoing film projects and their associated promotional activities.

Among these projects is 'Kalki 2898 AD,' where deepika shares the screen with Prabhas. While the shooting status of Deepika's role in the film remains undisclosed, the pregnancy confirmation raises queries about the scheduling of her film commitments. The crucial consideration is whether deepika strategically planned her engagements in light of this news. If her portion in 'Kalki' has been already captured, it could alleviate concerns about ongoing shoots, and she might pivot to focusing on promotional events.

'Kalki,' slated for a May release, stands to gain significantly from deepika Padukone's star power, particularly in the hindi cinema market. However, the pregnancy announcement, coupled with the due date in September, introduces uncertainties about Deepika's active participation in promotional activities four months before delivery.

The hope is that all aspects align favourably for both deepika and the 'Kalki' team, ensuring a smooth transition through this joyous phase while maintaining the film's promotional momentum. The anticipation is high for a positive resolution that accommodates Deepika's personal journey and the success of the much-anticipated movie.

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