Several celebrities, including priyanka Chopra, Nayanthara, Sunny Leone, and Manchu lakshmi Prasanna, have chosen surrogacy as a means to expand their families. The reasons for opting for surrogacy vary among individuals and can include medical conditions, personal choices, or other circumstances. In the case of deepika padukone, recent speculations about her pregnancy surfaced during the Anant Ambani-Radhika Merchant wedding.

There is ongoing debate and speculation about whether deepika padukone is pregnant, with some arguing that her baby bump was not visible during the event. It's important to note that if deepika did announce her pregnancy during the first trimester, the absence of a visible baby bump is expected, as it typically becomes noticeable in the later months.

The due date for Deepika's delivery is reported to be in September, providing ample time for a baby bump to become apparent. However, the decision to conceive a child, whether through natural means or surrogacy, is a personal one, and speculating about it infringes on an individual's privacy.

Respecting deepika Padukone's privacy is paramount, and any discussions about her reproductive choices should be approached with sensitivity. The celebrity couple, deepika padukone and Ranveer Singh, has been a highlight in various events, including the Ambani pre-wedding celebrations, where they captivated audiences with their stunning appearance on stage. It is crucial to focus on celebrating the couple's joy rather than engaging in unfounded speculation about their personal matters.

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