Jagadguru Swami Vasudevacharya Maharaj of Ramanuj Peeth in ayodhya has penned a letter to prime minister Narendra Modi, urging him not to demolish old temples in ayodhya, particularly expressing concern about the historical Ramanuja temple. In the letter, sent on march 3, 2024, the revered saint emphasized the importance of preserving heritage structures and sacred temples in the holy city of Lord Shri Ram.
Swami Vasudevacharya Maharaj highlighted the potential repercussions among the larger saint community in ayodhya, expressing discontent about the order related to the demolition of the historical Ramanuja temple. The letter also brought attention to the endangered historical peak on the Kaikeyi Ghat-Tedhi Bazaar route, taking the form of a Rajagopuram with Dravidian-style sculptures, established by Shri ram during the Janmabhoomi movement.

The Jagadguru suggested securing the Gopuram with modern technology, allowing a passage from below to ensure its safety. He emphasized that this historical structure is part of Ayodhya's heritage, and arrangements should be made to protect it, even if land is allocated for road expansion.

There are concerns in political circles that if the Sant Samaj's appeal is not heeded, it may have repercussions in the upcoming lok sabha elections in 2024, with the potential for members of the saint community to take on an opposition role. The Ramanuja Peeth, situated near Shri ram Janmabhoomi, holds historical significance, with the attached Gopuram being a notable example of South indian architecture, facing the risk of demolition for road widening.

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