Some of the sankranti releases earlier this year received positive reviews, with the film "Hanuman" emerging as a significant success, celebrating its 50-day milestone recently. "Hanuman" has achieved a rare feat, sustaining a 50-day run in theatres, which has been unparalleled in recent times. The film's prolonged success can be attributed to the lacklustre performance of subsequent releases, as none managed to captivate audiences as effectively.

 This trend underscores the importance of quality over grandeur, emphasizing that audiences are drawn to good movies rather than just big-budget productions. Despite several highly anticipated films being produced and released with prestige, they failed to make a mark at the box office. This trend highlights the discerning choices of the audience, indicating a preference for substance over spectacle. 

Amid this scenario, two dubbed movies are generating significant interest among viewers. The Telugu-dubbed version of the malayalam blockbuster "Premalu" is set to hit screens soon. The movie, set against the backdrop of Hyderabad, is expected to resonate with telugu youth. Another dubbed release, "Manjummel Boys," is also creating a buzz as a film that connects with the youth.

These malayalam films, originally successful in their home industry, are now poised for a telugu audience debut. With the current box office landscape lacking dynamism in telugu cinema, the reception of these dubbed releases, "Premalu" and "Manjummel Boys," will be closely observed to determine if they can capture the hearts of telugu moviegoers and make a significant impact at the box office.

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