Ram temple over Next is mosque..!? Special stone from Mecca!

The holy stone is to be brought from Mecca, considered the holiest place for Muslims, to build a mosque in Ayodhya. The nearly 100-year-old ayodhya dispute was brought to an end by the supreme Court's verdict in 2019. The supreme court ruled that the disputed land belonged to the Hindus and allowed the ram temple to be built there. Similarly, permission was given to build a mosque at another location. For this, the supreme court directed the Uttar Pradesh government to provide 5 acres of land to the Uttar Pradesh Sunni Waqf Board. Within five years of the court ruling, while the ram temple was built in ayodhya and Kumbabhishekam was performed, the mosque is yet to be built.

In this context, the holy stone is to be brought from Mecca, which is considered the holiest place for Muslims, to build a mosque in Ayodhya. The sacred stone of black soil is engraved with the verses of the Holy Quran in gold. Five acres of land have been earmarked in Tannipur village of ayodhya for the construction of a mosque. This mosque is named as Muhammad Bin Abdullah Mosque. The Uttar Pradesh sunni waqf board has entrusted the construction of this mosque to the Indo-Islamic Cultural Trust. Speaking about the holy stone being taken from Mecca to lay the foundation stone of the ayodhya Masjid, the members of the foundation said, "The stone is being brought.
A few charity workers are brought from Mecca. It will be brought to ayodhya by April. After that, the construction work of the mosque will start," he said. Elaborating on the matter, Haji Arafat Sheikh, chairman of the mosque development committee and member of the Indo-Islamic Cultural Foundation, said, "This is the work of Allah. There is nothing better than starting the work for Him from the holy city of Muslims.
So, we decided to start our journey from Mecca itself. I took a freshly cut stone from maharashtra to Mecca and washed it with holy water. Then we took the brick to Madinah, another holy site, washed it with holy water, and offered prayers. On the 2nd, we brought the holy stone back to Maharashtra. Later, the stone will be taken to Ajmer Sharif and after prayers, it will be taken to Ayodhya. We are still planning how to take the stone to Ayodhya. Some say it should be carried on foot. It will take 30 days. Some say take it by road or train. Because there will be thousands of people. They will accompany us on the ayodhya trip. The entire journey will be planned so that the stone reaches ayodhya by april and the foundation stone of the mosque will be laid," he said.

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