Ram Navami violence in West bengal is sealed on govt's incompetence…

Violence took place in bengal on the day of ram Navami, just before the first phase of voting. Bombs have even been thrown at the procession in Murshidabad. While the bjp is blaming mamata Banerjee's government for this violence, mamata banerjee has blamed the BJP. However, this violence has raised many questions in sensitive Bengal.

Ram Navami violence

The apprehensions that were being raised in West bengal regarding ram Navami violence have proved to be true. This is scary as well as sad. The kind of scenes that have been seen show that the government there could not stop it. mamta Banerjee has been shouting since two days ago that do not riot, stay safe. However, that language should not be that of the Chief Minister. They were afraid that if there was a riot, the bjp would take advantage of it. The Chief Minister's language should be that the ram Navami procession will take place as it should and if anyone does anything wrong, it will be dealt with strictly.

There should be a warning in their language. Last year also there were attacks on processions in Howrah, Hooghly, and North Dinajpur. Especially, the way the attack took place in Howrah showed that it was surrounded from both sides and the attack was carried out with full preparation. After that, the police took action and arrested many people. However, it was later revealed that among those arrested, more than the rioters were those who had been affected by the riots. After this, calcutta High court again directed NIA to investigate and an investigation is going on.

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