What is the history of Khatu wale baba Shyam? 

The number of devotees towards Khatu Wale baba shyam is continuously increasing, people's wishes are being fulfilled, this is the reason why devotees are increasing in the country and the world. Lakhs of devotees are reaching the court of Khatu baba shyam to pay their obeisance. In view of this faith, the devotees have requested rajasthan education minister madan Dilawar to add the chapter on the history of Khatu wale baba shyam in the curriculum and shyam Bhakta Seva Sansthan has given a suggestion. Under the leadership of monica Prajapat, President of shyam Bhakta Seva Sansthan, Secretary Rajkumar Ramchandani and Executive Member Lucky Goyal, at Bade Ramdwara in Jodhpur, they have given a memorandum to education minister madan Dilawar requesting that in the 10th and 12th classes of the Board of Secondary education, various people of rajasthan Mention of the history of the gods has been given a place in the curriculum.

Will be able to read the history of shyam Baba

Similarly, Khatu shyam Baba, coming in Sikar district of rajasthan, has today made its mark as the biggest center of faith in the entire world and has become the center of faith and belief of the people as a support to everyone. Khatu wale baba shyam is recognized as the support of the defeated, if his history is included in the curriculum, then the information about Khatu shyam Baba will definitely spread across the country through children, along with this, children will also know this history. Along with many folk deities, you will also be able to read the history of shyam Baba.

Due to fulfillment of wish, faith is becoming unbreakable

Monica Prajapat, President of shyam Bhakta Seva Sansthan, informed education minister madan Dilawar that Khatu shyam ji temple located in Sikar district of rajasthan is considered an important religious place of indian culture, this temple has an important place in Hindu religion. Khatu has become a symbol of faith and belief for the people and crores of devotees come here to worship shyam Baba in the form of Lord Shri Krishna. Due to knowing its mythological significance as well as the fulfillment of the wish, the faith in shyam Baba is becoming unbreakable.

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