We believed in these 2 players but..!?

 BCCI Secretary Jay Shah and other top officials on the indian team's defeat in the 2023 world cup final. Coach rahul dravid was asked for an explanation. Responding to that, Dravid said that he had planned to rely on the spinners of the indian team, but it did not happen. Dravid is saying that kuldeep yadav and ravindra jadeja are responsible for the defeat of the indian team.
In the 2023 world cup series, the indian team played tremendously in the league round. The indian team won all the nine matches they played in the league round. Next, they beat new zealand in the semi-finals and progressed to the finals. The indian team faced the Australian team in the final. Batting first, the indian team scored only 240 runs as the pitch on which the match was played was sluggish. Next, when australia chased, the pitch was said to be uncooperative. australia chased easily and won. When india lost the chance to win the world cup, bcci called the coach rahul dravid, and asked for an explanation.Accordingly, they thought that pitch spin would favor bowling in the final. But, the ball did not return cleanly. So, our spinners could not take wickets. rahul dravid explained that maybe if the pitch had been as we expected, they would have taken wickets.Also, we won ten matches with the same plan. Dravid is said to have said that india would have won the final if only this plan had gone right. Spinners kuldeep yadav and ravindra jadeja did not take a single wicket in the final. rahul dravid has kept them trapped as that is the reason.

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