If Ben Stokes's request fulfilled, his career will be gone..!?

 The indian team won the third Test against england by 434 runs. The england team entered the field with the target of winning if they scored 557 runs. In the last innings, they could not face the bowling of the indian team and lost the game by 122 runs. In this situation, the DRS rule turned against england when they batted in the last innings. england captain stokes has said that this DRS rule should be changed. i.e. if the ball hits the stamp as predicted in the DRS graphics, it should be given an out. No, if the ball is predicted to touch the stumps slightly, then it should not be given out.
But in this context what the field umpires say is the final decision. If the final decision is what the field umpire says then why this DRS system? He is not complaining about this. stokes said, "If he talks too much about this, it will look like they lost the Test match because of this." In this situation, it has been revealed that Stokes' career will be empty if the rule is removed that the ball is slightly on the temp in the DRS calculation and the decision of the field umpire is the final decision. According to this, a statistic has been released that which batsman has been saved the most by the umpire's final decision. Ben stokes has saved 85 percent of the umpire's final decision. That means he has been saved so many times because the ball hit the stumps and the umpire said not out. England's action player Butler has been saved 17 percent like Nasser Hussain's hit. Kohli, the star player of the indian team, saved only 20 percent. He has been given an 80 percent out by this rule. Former South African captain Du Plessis is 60 percent saved by this rule. Australian player Khawaja is 50% saved by this rule and 50% out. New Zealander tom Brendel is 75% saved by this rule. Pakistani player Shaun Masood 50%, Australian player Shaun Marsh 50%, and former South African player Asim amala 75% are saved by this rule. Sri Lankan player Mathews and Pakistani player Azhar ali are 50 percent protected by this rule.

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