Good news from Virat Kohli...!? Sachin's surprise...!?

Former indian cricket team captain and star batsman virat kohli and famous bollywood actress anushka sharma had their second child. indian cricket team's star batsman virat kohli and bollywood actress anushka sharma have become parents for the second time. They have a baby boy. virat kohli shared this happy news on his social media pages including X. In the happy news that he has released, we are happy to announce that they have a son, and baby Vamika has got a beautiful sibling. While sharing this information with you, I request you support our privacy. virat kohli also said that he has named his son Akaay.
Seeing this, the cricketing world is congratulating virat kohli and anushka Sharma. In particular, Sachin Tendulkar, the master blaster of the indian team, said, "Congratulations to virat kohli - anushka sharma on the arrival of Akaay, a precious addition to your beautiful family! Now, let him fill your world with endless joy and laughter, just as he lit up your living room with happiness." The Virat Kohli-Anushka couple already have a four-year-old daughter, Vamika.

Virat kohli, who came back with the indian team after completing the tour of South Africa, has asked the bcci to take leave from the Test series against England. Accepting his request, bcci also said that they accept Virat Kohli's decision. But the information about why he took leave is not disclosed. virat kohli kept silent. At a time when various reports were circulating about this, now Virat has put an end to the fake news by announcing the happy news. Since he did not participate in the Test series against England, he will now play directly in the IPL matches. virat kohli, who is in the RCB team, is also planning to start training for the IPL series soon.

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