Mohammed Shami's withdrawal from the IPL series...!?

It has been announced that the indian cricket team's star fast bowler mohammed shami will not participate in the IPL series. mohammed shami was the most wicket-taker in the recently concluded ICC ODI cricket Series. Especially in the semi-final match against New Zealand, shami was amazing with 7 wickets. In this situation, after the world cup series, mohammed shami did not participate in any cricket matches.
In this situation, shami was given a pain relief injection in london for the leg injury. But that did not ease his pain. As a result, shami must undergo surgery. Due to this, he is unable to participate in the IPL series. It also doubts Shami's participation in the icc t20 world cup cricket series. shami was the promising star of gujarat Titans. He has been amazing in IPL 2022 for Gujarat. Mohammad shami, who took 20 wickets in 2022, was amazing by taking 28 wickets in the last IPL season. In the absence of hardik pandya, the absence of shami has created a dilemma for the gujarat team. As a result, the gujarat team management is engaged in searching for a replacement player. A surgery like this would affect his cricketing career. If the plan to investigate the police may recover from that, he will be able to play for the indian team only in october and November. As a result, the gujarat Titans team is thinking about who can replace Shami. Similarly, bcci has been forced to choose a replacement for shami in the t20 world cup in India.

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