Can virat kohli do this..? bcci at the height of anger..!?

Star player virat kohli did not participate in the 5-match Test series between india and England. While virat kohli first announced that he was pulling out of the series due to personal reasons, he gave birth to a baby boy on february 15. Due to this, the fans were also relieved that virat kohli did not participate in cricket matches. In this situation, it has been reported that virat kohli is going to arrive in india in the first week of March. Thus, the fifth Test will be held on march 7 in Dharamsala. Due to this, virat kohli was expected to participate in the Test match. But there are reports that virat kohli is going to start training for the upcoming IPL series by joining the RCB training camp without participating in the fifth Test match.
This has caused consternation among the bcci executives. It has already been alleged that many star players are preparing for the IPL without getting fully fit and not participating in cricket matches. The bcci had already expressed strong opposition to this. In this situation, the star virat kohli is planning to prepare for the IPL series without participating in the five-year Test match against England, which has also worried the fans. Due to this, the question has arisen among the fans whether the IPL matches have become more important than the indian team. It seems bcci will not hesitate to take action against virat kohli alone if he commits that mistake. It has been reported that the bcci is going to remove the players from the salary contract who give importance to the IPL series over the matches for the indian cricket teams. Now virat kohli is also likely to join this list. But virat kohli has already informed bcci that he will not participate in these Tests. Players like virat kohli have chosen the IPL as their training ground for the t20 World Cup. Due to this, virat kohli is planning to join the RCB training camp on march 10 to prepare for the T20.

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