BCCI's new scheme to keep players in hand..!?

The game of cricket is currently going through its new evolution. Apart from format changes like Test, ODI, and T20, the issue of international cricket vs Franchise cricket has also taken shape now. While international cricket is the arena where national teams compete against each other across the world, franchise cricket runs mainly on momentum and money. Franchise cricket is said to be ruining the game but it is also a lifeline for talented players from the most underprivileged regions like the West Indies. So, like in football, franchise cricket is also impossible to avoid. However, it is also necessary for teams to compete at the international level. In that sense, it may help to keep the two on the same scale. Franchise cricket caused problems in many countries. Many players have also been banned by their respective boards for preferring to play for the franchise rather than the national team. Now it can be seen that india is the richest country in cricket. It is seen that many leading players are preparing for the IPL matches instead of giving importance to the national team citing reasons such as job management. In particular, it is problematic to focus on preparing for the IPL 2024 rather than playing in the country's premier first-class cricket tournament, such as the Ranji Trophy 2024.
BCCI has removed ishan kishan and shreyas iyer from its contract list. However, the main allegation is that the duo did not heed BCCI's instructions to play in the Ranji Trophy even though the issue has not yet been officially disclosed. In that way, to avoid this problem in the future, it is said that bcci has decided to increase the wages for the first-class matches along with the IPL matches. Also, in the contract list released yesterday, the bcci did not confirm the salary for each rank. Therefore, it is said that the competitive salary for the players not only for the domestic series but also for the national team is likely to increase the total salary. For example, if you play 10 Ranji Trophy matches, you will get a salary of Rs.25 lakh. But in the IPL series, the base amount is Rs.20 lakh per player. There will be such a difference in wages that a player would think of playing 10 Test matches and focusing on the IPL. Hence, reports suggest that bcci has decided to increase the wages of Ranji Trophy players.
According to a report published by english media, the bcci has asked the indian team management to suggest a solution for this. Also, to continue the honor of the Test series, it seems that the indian team management has also motivated the bcci to take drastic decisions. In particular, it is said to have demanded that players dedicated to first-class matches should be given the same value as IPL players and the current wages should be increased accordingly.


It has also recommended that Ranji players should be paid three times the current salary, i.e. Rs 75 lakh. Apart from that, it has been suggested that the player can be paid Rs 15 crore if he plays for the indian senior team (Team India) for a year in Tests, which is equivalent to the amount paid to the leading players in the IPL series.
What is the bcci result?

However, the bcci is said to have not accepted these recommendations, including a three-fold increase in wages, and continues to hold discussions on wage hikes. According to reports, bcci will announce its decision soon.

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