Shreyas Iyer's truth came out..!? bcci did it right!

After being ruled out of the last 3 Tests against England, shreyas iyer lied about back spasms, it has come to light. shreyas iyer has played 4 Tests, 12 ODIs, and 2 T20Is for the indian team since last October. Apart from that, he scored 530 runs including 2 centuries in the world cup series. But shreyas iyer has been removed from the bcci annual contract after 3 months which has shocked the fans. shreyas iyer was dropped from the indian team after the first 2 Tests against England. After that, he was advised by the selectors to play for mumbai in the Ranji Trophy matches. But shreyas iyer suddenly announced his withdrawal from Ranji Trophy matches citing back spasms.
But the day after Shreyas Iyer's announcement, the NCA wrote to the BCCI. With that being said shreyas iyer has no injuries and the question arises as to why he did not play in the Ranji Trophy matches. Apart from that there was confusion as to why shreyas iyer lied about back spasms. In this situation, it was revealed that shreyas iyer participated in the training camp of the KKR team after saying that it was a back spasm. It has been revealed that shreyas iyer is not interested in playing Ranji matches to participate in the training camp organized by the KKR team management for the IPL series. On the part of the bcci officials, neither the indian team officials nor the bcci have any doubts about Shreyas Iyer's ability. But what can be done if he is not ready for the Test series after the NCA has declared him fit? How will bcci give him a contract? He questioned that.

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