First-time rain interruption - tossing problem, RR vs GT match?

During the 24th match of the league between rajasthan Royals and gujarat Titans, there was a problem with the toss due to rain.

RR vs GT Toss Delay due to Rain

Rajasthan Royals and gujarat Titans will face each other in the 24th league match of IPL today. The match is being played at Rajasthan's home ground. As it is raining now, there is a problem with tossing. For the first time this season, there has been an interruption of rain.

Gujarat Titans

So far, rajasthan have won all the 3 matches played at their home ground. As this is the 4th match, there is a 50 percent chance for rajasthan to win this match as well. The reason for this is that gujarat Titans have won 4 of the 5 matches between the two teams. rajasthan Royals have won one match.

Rain in RR vs GT 24th IPL Match

This season, rajasthan Royals have won all 4 matches they have played and are sitting majestically at the number 1 position in the points table. And beat the mighty mumbai Indians at home. Also, royal challengers defeated Bengaluru, delhi Capitals, and lucknow Supergiants.

Rajasthan Royal vs gujarat Titans

Gujarat will face the Titans today. gujarat Titans have won only 2 out of 5 matches played this season. It also beat mumbai Indians and Sunrisers hyderabad at home. Also, losing a match at home. Along with that, they lost both away matches.

RR vs GT 24th IPL Match, Rain

Today too, they face rajasthan Royals at the same away ground. There is a 50 percent chance of success. Although the gujarat Titans are a strong bowling team, they are lacking in batting. Noor Ahmed, Rashid Khan, Mohit Sharma, Umesh Yadav, Spencer Johnson, Darshan Neelkande are bowling well.

But Sai Sudarsan, Kane Williamson, rahul Divetia, and Vijay shankar are stumbling in batting. Similarly, Yashshvi jaiswal is stumbling in the rajasthan Royals team. The team is strong in bowling and batting. Hence, it is ranked number 1 in the rankings.

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