When is rohit sharma retiring From Cricket..!?

Rohit Sharma has been open about when he will retire from international cricket. rohit sharma has said that he wants to play cricket for another two to three years. He also said that he never thought about retirement. indian team captain rohit sharma is now playing as a player for mumbai Indians. The mumbai Indians team removed him from the captaincy this year. He was replaced by hardik pandya as captain. This caused a lot of controversy within the team. However, rohit sharma is answering his batting. He has been giving an active start in all the matches played by the mumbai team so far. He was also active in the match against RCB, scoring 38 runs off 24 balls. Due to this, the mumbai Indians team won a great victory. In this case, rohit sharma has openly talked about various things in an interview. Asked about retirement, he said, "I am playing well now."In the next two to three years I will definitely be playing all kinds of cricket. As far as I am concerned, the world cup comes after the IPL. My main goal is to win it After that, the World Test championship will be held. I am sure that the indian team must win that too. So no thought of retirement for now. He said that I was thinking of playing my cricket better. rohit sharma kept the suspense going by replying with a smile when asked if he will play for mumbai Indians in next year's IPL. So will he stay with the mumbai team? Or quit? The suspense of the question continues.

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