The whole world has come to know about RCB..!?

 While the RCB team has been playing in the IPL cricket series for the past 16 years. Never won an IPL title. Even with so many star players in the RCB team, they will make any mistake and lose even the unbeaten match. Even the RCB women's team recently clinched the women's IPL series and the men's team is still struggling. Even in this season, virat kohli scored a century and RCB lost. In this situation, the RCB team set a target of 197 runs in the game against the mumbai team. But RCB bowled poorly and mumbai reached the target of 15 runs in three overs. In this situation, RCB's pride is not only in india but also beyond the ocean. Even other sportspersons are now making fun of RCB. The famous Olympian from Jamaica, Yohan Blake, has mocked the RCB team.
Speaking about this, he said, "I know very well how suryakumar yadav will bat." But it was definitely poor bowling by RCB, Yogan Blake posted. Despite being a runner, Yohan Blake, who also follows cricket, plays local cricket matches in his free time. Blake had already said that he wanted to buy a team in cricket. He has already posted about this, I will be in the race for two more years. After that I love cricket. Of course, I will not play for West Indies. But I want to play in the t20 league series. Why do I even want to buy any team in the IPL series? He had said that he would try to buy RCB, not KKR. This discussion took place on twitter in 2019. Notably, Yohan Blake castigated that the RCB team bowled very badly at the moment.

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