Do you know about the love life of delhi Capitals teammates?

The 26th match of the league between lucknow and delhi Capitals will be played tonight at 7.30 PM. delhi Capitals have not won a single match in the 3 matches between the two teams so far.

Ishant Sharma and Pratima Singh

Indian cricketer Ishant Sharma's wife Pratima Singh. She is a key member of the indian women's national basketball team. The two met each other during a basketball match in delhi in 2011. After that, their relationship went from there until they got engaged in june 2016 and then ended in marriage. They got married on december 10, 2016.

Mukesh Kumar – divya Singh

Mukesh Kumar, who made it to the indian team last year, tied the hand of divya Singh on november 28. Their marriage took place in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. Before that, they got married on 23rd February. Currently, he is playing in the delhi team as a 5-month-old rookie.

Mitchell Marsh – Greta Mack

Mitchell Marsh and Greta Mack got engaged on september 11, 2021. Their love blossomed 2 years ago. They got married in australia on april 9 last year.

Akshar patel – Megha Patel:

Akshar patel and Megha patel got married on january 26 last year. Megha is a great nutritionist. Having been in love for a long time, they got married last year.

Praveen Dubey – moon Dubey

Love couple praveen Dubey and moon Dubey who recently tied the knot. It is noteworthy that their marriage took place in Raipur.

Henrich Nordje – Michaela Klu

In 2020, he fell in love with and married his school friend Michaela Klu. Mikaela, a primary school teacher, nurtures their relationship through the trials and triumphs of Henrich's teenage life.

David Warner – Candice Warner

Warner and Candice met for the first time in 2013. Since then they have become close. They got married in april 2015. They have 3 daughters, Ivy Mae, Indy Rae, and Isla Rose.

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