Hatred on hardik Pandya? Rohit Sharma's action..!?

Hardik Pandya bowled badly in the match against chennai Super Kings. While hardik pandya was bowling, the fans were attacking him by pointing out something rohit sharma did when dhoni hit a six. In this match between mumbai Indians and chennai Super Kings, CSK had scored 186 runs and dhoni came to bat when the last four balls of the 20th over were left. Then hardik pandya bowled the last over. Although hardik pandya is a fast bowler, he is not capable of bowling in the last overs.

However, only the young fast bowler akash Madawal was left with an over. Not trusting him, hardik pandya bowled himself. dhoni Pandya, who came into the field, turned the first ball he faced into the bowling for a huge six. Then rohit sharma, who was standing in the field, laughed at it.
The footage is being shared on the internet. Some have criticized rohit sharma, who is very unhappy with hardik pandya, who took away his captaincy by pointing out that rohit sharma was smiling, and that he was laughing to show his anger when he saw dhoni hitting a six in the over. Some even say that rohit sharma is laughing at hardik pandya despite his justified anger, not supporting him while playing for a team, and not worrying about the team's deterioration.
At the same time, dhoni fans are saying it differently as rohit sharma expressed his happiness after seeing dhoni hit a six. But in the earlier matches of this series as well, there were scenes of rohit sharma laughing at hardik pandya whenever he made wrong decisions. In that last over bowled by hardik pandya, dhoni hit three consecutive sixes and added 20 runs in four balls. CSK added 26 runs only in that last over bowled by hardik Pandya. CSK scored 206 runs. mumbai Indians who played next scored only 186 runs and lost. Rohit Sharma's 105 was the only consolation for the team.

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