Suresh Raina asks DuPlessis to support young players..!?

RCB team is facing their seventh defeat in the IPL cricket series. RCB, who are currently at the bottom of the points table, will find it very difficult to make it to the play-offs. In this situation, rcb team bowled well in yesterday's game but the young player mayank Dagar gave away 20 overs which turned the game. Talking about this, RCB team captain Du Plessis said that the pitch was favorable for batting and we bowled well and controlled them. But an over bowled by Dagar went over 20 runs. Duplessis had said that this caused us a crisis and caused us to face defeat.
 Suresh Raina strongly condemned this comment of Du Plessis. Talking about this, he said that it is not right to talk about a young player in front of reporters. Speaking like this, what will be the motivation of the young player? Captain Du Plessis has not been running well in this series. Can he blame a young player when that's the case? I have played with Du Plessis for many years. He is my close friend. So I say, he should support the young players. Watch and learn from Rohit Sharma. Have you ever seen rohit sharma criticize a young player like this? suresh raina said that the young players should be protected and supported. He further said that he would try to open a cricket academy in Kashmir. The youths there have a bat and milk in one hand and a gun in the other. suresh raina says that he thinks they should touch the bat.

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