Was virat kohli cheated..!? Explanation given by umpire..!?

 In the match against the kolkata Knight Riders, there was a controversy that the royal challengers Bangalore veteran virat kohli was wrongly dismissed. Harshit Rana's full toss was waist-high and kohli hit the ball. Harshit Ranaway catches the ball. But virat kohli asked for a review saying that the ball came above waist height and called it a no-ball. When the third umpire replays the ball and looks with technical help, virat kohli is a few yards ahead of the crease and hits the ball. But according to the rules, the ball is considered a no-ball only if it is above waist height when it reaches the crease.But virat kohli met the ball a few feet earlier. Also, with the help of technology, the third umpire found that the ball reached the crease a few inches lower than Virat Kohli's hip height when he was standing straight. But virat kohli did not accept the decision and left the field expressing his displeasure. After the match, the fourth umpire called virat kohli and explained why he was given out. Even then virat kohli argued that he was crouching down to him. Speaking after the match, Bengaluru captain du Plessis also said that we did not get a proper explanation for that out. But many ex-players are explaining to Bengaluru fans that it is actually out.

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