Virat kohli talked about his retirement plan and hinted about going abroad with his family, but fans disappointed

Recently, cricketer virat kohli talked about his retirement plans, to which his fans have reacted. Let us tell you.

Virat kohli is a great player in the world of cricket, whose fan following is not limited to india only. Virat, the life of 'IPL' franchise 'Royal Challengers Bangalore' (RCB), inspires people a lot with his sports as well as fitness. However, now Virat talked about his retirement plan and hinted at going abroad and settling with his wife Anushka Sharma, and children Vamika-Akay.

Virat kohli said his retirement plan

In his recent interaction at RCB's 'Royal Gala Dinner', Virat talked about his retirement plans and said that he will take a long break after cricket. The cricketer said that he does not want any regrets after his retirement as a player. 

Virat said, "As a player, I feel there is a retirement time in our career, so I am working back-to-back because I don't want to have any regrets after my career is over." What if I had done that on that particular day?' Because I can't play forever. So I don't want to leave anything incomplete and regret it later."

Virat kohli hinted at shifting abroad

Let us tell you that Virat Kohli's son Akay Kohli was born in London. Since then there have been reports that virat kohli may shift to the UK with his family. Now, while talking about his retirement plan, Virat also gave a hint about it. 

Virat said, "Once my work is done, I will leave, you won't be able to see me for some time. So till the time I play, I want to give my best and that's the only thing, That inspires me to move forward."

Netizens reacted to Virat Kohli's retirement plan

Virat made his debut in cricket in 2008 and since then he has been the best cricketer of his generation. Now, when he talked about retirement plans, it left his die-hard fans disappointed. Reacting to Virat's video, a fan wrote, "Don't go for another 10 years sir, if Thala (Mahendra Singh Dhoni) can do it, you can also do it." While another wrote, "Don't leave now, your heart is not filled yet." See comments.

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