Even if RCB wins, they can't go to the playoffs..!?

Chennai Super Kings and Royals Challengers Bangalore will play in the main match of the 2024 IPL series. Challengers Bangalore teams are going to clash. If CSK win this match then they will go to play off round. Similarly, if the royal challengers Bangalore team wins by a certain margin and overtakes CSK in the net run rate, it is a condition that they will advance to the play-off round. Hence, this match is seen as an important match by the fans. 

 In this situation, even if the royal challengers Bangalore team wins this match, it is said that they will not be able to advance to the play-off round so easily. In this match, it was said that if the royal challengers Bangalore team bats first, they should have a margin of 18 runs and if they chase, they should have completed the chase in 18.1 overs. It was said that if they do that, the team will get a higher run rate and advance to the playoffs. But this is only a tentative account. I mean what if the team batting first scores 200 runs? In the Chinnaswamy ground where this match is to be held, it is possible to score more than 200 runs very easily

In that way, even if the team batting first scores 210 runs, the above calculation will change. Perhaps if CSK bats first and scores 230 or 240 runs, Bengaluru will have more problems. The team will need to chase with more balls remaining. Similarly, if the Bengaluru team bats first and scores less than 200 runs, even if CSK goes to the last over and loses, the Bengaluru team will not be able to surpass CSK's net run rate. In that way, if the CSK team puts a lot of pressure on the bowling and batting, they can easily prevent the Bengaluru team from progressing to the play-off round.

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