Dhoni left without shaking hands with Virat..!?

 After learning that Dhoni returned to the dressing room without shaking hands with the RCB players, virat kohli went to the CSK dressing room to meet him. The reason for CSK's defeat is these 2 people. Shardul and Jadeja, who gave up despite having experience, the RCB team won a huge victory over the CSK team by 27 runs. With this win, CSK was eliminated from the play-off round. Likewise, RCB has made a record by restricting CSK to 191 runs and progressing to the play-off round. The RCB team, excited by this win, celebrated for a long time on the ground. dhoni, who was sad to not finish the game in the last over, got ready to shake hands with the RCB players after the game. But seeing the celebration of the RCB players, dhoni shook hands only with the RCB coaches present in the dressing room and returned to the dressing room. This caused shock among the fans in the stadium. dhoni has never behaved like this with anyone in his 20-year cricket career. After this other CSK players shook hands with RCB players. Following this, RCB players went around the stadium to thank the RCB fans. After this, it has been revealed that virat kohli went to the restroom in search of Dhoni. After thanking the fans, virat kohli went to the restroom in search of Dhoni, where is mahi Bhai? He questioned the people nearby. virat kohli went to the CSK team's lounge and met Dhoni. CSK fans were commenting that Virat Kohli's aggression crossed the limit during the return match. Especially after taking Dhoni's wicket even in his last match, RCB players celebrated vigorously. As a result CSK fans criticized Virat Kohli, Virat Kohli went to the restroom to see dhoni, which caused excitement among the fans.

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