Dhoni caught in controversy..!? Why did he change his mind..!?

CSK's star player dhoni refused to shake hands with the RCB players and went to the restroom causing controversy. CSK lost the match against RCB by 27 runs. Not only did CSK lose this match but they also missed out on the play-offs as the team did not score even 201 runs. RCB fans went into celebration due to this. dhoni hit a six off the first ball as CSK could advance to the play-offs if they scored 17 runs in the last over. But Dhoni was dismissed in the next ball and CSK lost by only 191 runs. Due to this, Dhoni who was sitting in the lounge looked sad.

After the match, CSK players lined up to shake hands with RCB players. While dhoni was the first man standing, the RCB players were celebrating. Seeing this, dhoni shook hands with the RCB teammates and coaches who were standing in the restroom nearby. virat kohli shook hands with the CSK teammates and looked for dhoni for a few seconds. But then it came to light that dhoni went to the restroom without shaking hands with the RCB players. This has caused controversy among fans. Why dhoniwho was standing in line to meet the RCB players, changed his mind at the last minute and went to the restroom is a mystery.

In support of Dhoni's actions, some fans are saying that Dhoni went to the dressing room not to spoil the RCB team's celebration. Due to this, fans of RCB and other teams are criticizing Dhoni. They are raising the question of whether they can do this because they failed in the last match.

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