This is the reason why dhoni did not shake hands..!?

A controversy has arisen as dhoni left without shaking hands with the RCB players after chennai Super Kings lost the match against royal challengers Bangalore. Its background has now come to light. Although it is said by many that this is Dhoni's last match, CSK management and dhoni have not said anything about it. Meanwhile, after the match ended, the RCB players were celebrating that they had made it to the play-offs.

Usually, this celebration lasts for one minute after the match is over. After that, they will come to lend a hand to the opposing players. But for more than three minutes at the end of this match, the RCB players were standing in the middle of the field celebrating the victory.

The CSK team lined up and waited to shake hands. dhoni was the first person standing in the queue. But the RCB players didn't see it at all. After waiting for a few minutes, dhoni left the ground. He went to the restroom after shaking hands with the RCB team assistants and coaches who were standing there even as he left. He has pain in his knee and after every match, he takes first aid treatments for it. dhoni was out in the last over of this match. So it is said that after the match, he was the first to shake hands and wait for his treatment. But even as he endured the pain and stood in line, none of the RCB players came to shake his hand. Taking this, dhoni left the ground and went to the restroom.

But without knowing this, many RCB fans are saying that Dhoni insulted their team and Virat kohli ran to shake hands with him. But it turns out that this is what actually happened.

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