The RCB captain who blamed nature..!?

RCB has been eliminated from the playoffs in the IPL 2024 season. In the eliminator match against rajasthan Royals, the RCB team made many mistakes as usual and lost. This is the 17th season RCB has won the trophy without being able to win it. Commenting on the failure in this situation, Duplessis is escaping by blaming nature. Speaking about this, he said it was too much of a snowfall. That was one of the reasons for our failure. If there is snow, this target will not reach even a little. If we had scored one more 20 runs it would have been a good target on this pitch. However, I am happy about our teammates. Everyone played well in the latter part of the series. That is what I can expect from my players as a captain.

Looking at yesterday's pitch, we thought 180 runs would be enough. So the ball had a bit of swing at the start. Then it turned into a dip. What I have learned from this series is that with the impact rule, you can no longer think that this target is good enough for this ground. And the snow will definitely make it difficult for the bowling team. We lost the first few matches. If it had been the same other teams, they would not have risen. But we bounced back and won six matches in a row. This will let everyone know the capability and motivation of our team. We didn't do anything special in yesterday's game. RCB captain Duplessis said that's why we lost.

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