Shahrukh Khan's order for Gambhir..!?

BCCI is reportedly interested in appointing gautam gambhir as the head coach of the indian cricket team. But he has not yet applied for the post of coach of the indian team. Tomorrow (May 27) is the last day to apply. The IPL Final between kolkata Knight Riders and Sunrisers hyderabad will be played today. It's a big day for gautham Gambhir, who is the consultant of kolkata Knight Riders. Will he apply for the head coaching position within a day of the finals? Everyone has doubts. kolkata Knight Riders owner Shah Rukh Khan is said to be behind this. gautam Gambhir's friendship with Shah Rukh Khan has been going on for the last 12 years. gautam gambhir won the IPL trophy in 2012 as the captain of kolkata Knight Riders. After that, he won the IPL trophy for kolkata team in 2014 as well. After that, he got out of form and left the team. Later he worked as a consultant for some IPL teams. After a long time, he is back to kolkata Knight Riders as a consultant. Soon after he was appointed a consultant, kolkata Knight Riders made it to the finals of the IPL. So the team owner shahrukh khan is overjoyed. He believes that it is because of gautam gambhir that the kolkata team rose to the occasion and progressed to the finals.

 He wants Gambhir to stay with the kolkata team even in next year's IPL series. If gautham Gambhir leaves as the head coach of the indian team, the kolkata Knight Riders will suffer. After this shahrukh khan and other owners of the kolkata team are said to have given a love order to gautam Gambhir. They have told Gambhir that they have asked him to travel as a consultant with kolkata Knight Riders for the next 10 years and are even ready to sign a contract. Due to this, it is said that gautham Gambhir has not applied for the post of head coach of the indian team. gautham Gambhir will be paid between 5 crores and 10 crores only for the position of consultant of the IPL team. Also, he can earn huge income by being a commentator on other days and participating in cricket programs of various media. With this in mind, if gautam gambhir agrees to take over the post of bcci head coach, it has been reported that he has decided to pay the biggest salary ever given to any indian team coach.

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