T20 World Cup: What time to watch India's matches..!?

The t20 world cup 2024 series will be held in the USA and west indies from june 2 to june 29. It is a huge series with 20 teams participating including defending champions England, Australia, west indies, india, pakistan, Bangladesh, afghanistan, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, and South Africa. The 20 teams are divided into 4 divisions of 5 teams each. In the first group stage, a team will play 1 time each against the other 4 teams in their group. The top two teams at the end of the group stage will qualify for the next Super 8 round. That means a total of 8 teams from four divisions will compete in this round. In this round, 8 teams will play 3 matches each. The top four teams in the Super 8 round will qualify for the semi-finals. The winning teams will meet in the final on june 29. Not only the leading outfit of this long series but also the teams including Afghanistan and the USA have high expectations. Cricket experts are predicting that the small teams are likely to progress to the Super 8 round in some category. 

In this, the indian team is in the A division. pakistan, ireland, the USA, and canada are also in that group. india and pakistan teams will fight for the top 2 spots. Group B includes Australia, England, Namibia, scotland and Oman. New Zealand, west indies, afghanistan, Uganda, and Papua New guinea are in Group C. Group D includes teams from South Africa, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, and the Netherlands.

There is fierce competition in the C and D categories. It is expected that a major team may leave. Also, there is a lot of expectation on the indian team. As this could be the last t20 world cup for senior players like rohit sharma and Virat Kohli, india has a good chance of winning the trophy again after 2007. In that way, the fans are very eager to see the matches in which the indian team is participating. Also, since the matches are held in America and the west indies, the question of what time is it according to indian time has also arisen in the minds of the fans

To solve this doubt, here you can see in detail the time and venue of the matches that the Indian team will compete in. As for now, only the group round matches are confirmedonly that information can be found here. 

June 5 - india vs ireland - New York - 8 pm (IST)

June 9 - india vs pakistan - New York - 8 pm (IST)

June 12 - USA vs india - New York - 8 pm (IST)

June 15 - india vs canada - New York - 8 pm (IST)  

For the convenience of the indian audience, all the matches of the indian teams will be played in the group stage in the USA, where the match is scheduled at 2.30 pm New York local time. Also, all the Super 8 round matches will be held in the West Indies. The matches there will either be telecast at 8.30 pm (India time) or 10.30 pm (India time). So, indian fans may have to stay up till midnight only for some matches. Team india is one.

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