T20 world cup 2024: Rohit's biggest problem! Gave success mantra before the world cup, told the definition of captaincy

T20 world cup 2024: Know what will be the biggest challenge for rohit sharma in the upcoming t20 World Cup. He has given the blueprint for his success. T20 world cup 2024: Rohit Sharma's team may not have done well in IPL 2024, but now the burden of the indian team has come on him. He will be captaining the indian team in the t20 world cup starting on june 2. India's first match will be against ireland on juneand before that Rohit and company have set up their training camp in New York. Now on a Star sports show, 'Hitman' rohit sharma described the responsibility of being a captain in words. He said that the most important role of a captain is to make all the players realize their responsibilities.

The biggest challenge for the captain

Describing the biggest challenge for a captain, rohit sharma said that it is very difficult to handle different people. Everyone's way of thinking is different and it is up to the captain to decide how he will handle the pressure and face the situation. Rohit says that the biggest responsibility of the captain is to make all the players of the team feel that everyone has an equal place in the team.

'My way of preparation is different'

Rohit Sharma said that he has to prepare himself as a captain and personally before the World Cup. He likes to test what is going on around him, who is playing how, and what new things he is trying to do. Rohit usually keeps talking to the players about their strategies. The 'Hitman' does this so that if any complex situation arises during the match, it becomes easy for him to find a solution. Being a captain, Rohit also tests the players, the ground, and the pitch.

Keeps a close eye on the opposition team

The captain of the indian team also keeps an eye on the performance of the opposition team. In t20 cricket, everyone plays differently and it is very important to understand them all. The team prepares itself by looking at its rhythm. Wherever bowlers and batsmen need advice, rohit sharma is always ready to help them. Things should not be presented to players in a very complicated manner.

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