Easy team only for India..!? Upset fans..!?

 The 2024 t20 world cup series has only the toughest teams in the Super 8 round in the second division. West Indies, south africa, and England, one of the three main teams in that category, will definitely lose the chance to advance to the semi-finals. However, australia is the only tough team in the first division where the indian team is placed. The afghanistan team is placed in the first category. bangladesh and the netherlands will be in another position. australia and india are expected to take the top two spots in the first division anyway and advance to the semi-finals. Pointing out this bias, the fans of other teams are attacking the international Cricket Council for planning the divisions of the Super 8 round in favor of the indian team.
A total of 20 teams participated in the 2024 t20 world cup series. First, the group stage was held. There were a total of four groups with five teams in each group. One team placed in each group will play four other teams. At the end of this round held in round-robin mode, the rules were made that the top two teams with the most wins in each group would advance to the Super 8 round. The eight teams were divided into two groups in the Super 8 round. There are four teams in each division. The first division consists of india, australia, and Afghanistan. Fourth, it will be known tomorrow which team is going to participate in the two teams bangladesh or Netherlands.
The second division consists of south africa, the West Indies, England, and the USA. Apart from the USA, all the other three teams are strong t20 teams. Only the top two teams in each division in the Super 8 round will advance to the semi-finals. At this stage, one of the three strongest teams in the second division will surely miss out on a semi-final chance. But in the first division, australia and india have a high chance of beating afghanistan and another smaller team to advance to the semi-finals. The fans of those teams are sharing opinions on social media that the international Cricket Council has acted in favor of india and made it easier for them to play teams like England, West Indies, and south africa in the same division. Even if these three teams beat the USA in their group, they will have to lose in their matches. Then a big team will lose the chance to advance to the semi-finals.

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