Mega drama for gautham Gambhir..!? Only Candidate..!?

It has been reported that the interview for the post of indian cricket team's head coach will be held today/ surprisingly only gautam gambhir has applied. bcci received more than 3000 online applications. Apart from bogus applications, there may be some qualified trainees from india and abroad who have applied. But not a single one of them was called for the interview. More than 3000 applications received by bcci were fake applications sent by fans for fun. It was said that applications were even sent in the names of narendra modi and amit shah, for example. If we remove those fake applications, surely there will be some coaches at the indian level applying for the post of head coach. But, bcci is throwing away all the applications. bcci has already decided in advance that they are going to appoint gautam gambhir as the head coach. Talks have also been held with him personally.
Gautam Gambhir met Union minister amit shah yesterday. In this situation, the interview is going to be held today. If we are going to select gautham Gambhir, why should we get applications democratically? Advertisements for head coach posts should be published on a public platform. cricket enthusiasts have raised the question. They point out that this eye-wiping drama is happening to show the outside world that the selection of the head coach is done democratically. Until a few years ago, no such democratic practices were observed in the BCCI. Everything from bcci posts to state cricket body posts is negotiated and shared among the influential people there.

After that, a case was filed in the supreme court against the management of bcci, and the structures of bcci were changed according to the guidelines shown by the supreme Court. Since then there has been this democratic process of selecting the head coach and selection committee members. But this is just drama. The play is conducted by shortlisting the people for all the posts in advance, talking to them behind the scenes, and then receiving the applications and conducting the interview. All cricket fans have hope that gautam gambhir will be a great coach. Why should it be so dramatic? Indeed, state-level and local-level coaches who have applied for this post should also be given an opportunity. They should also be called for an interview. At least among them, eligible persons should be appointed as assistant coaches of the indian team. Only then will this democratic formal election have a meaning.

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