Finally, the day has arrived for Nandamuri balakrishna and Pawan Kalyan's "big" meetup as they filmed for "Unstoppable 2" episode. This is the third time Allu Arvind has given the viewers of this discussion show a tremendous high. Prior to Prabhas' appearance in the subsequent programme, he astonished everyone by inviting Nara chandrababu naidu as a guest.

The films of Pawan's arrival at the annapurna studios sets, Balayya's tender gesture of escorting him out of the car, and the two striking a pose from the stage have already gone viral, but now there's another intriguing bit of information. As a special guest, it is reported that director krish, who is now filming Pawan's hari Hara Veera Mallu and previously directed Balayya's Gautimputra Satakarni as well as the ntr biopic movie, arrived.

Another rumour claims that Sai Dharam Tej, Pawan's favourite "Menalludu," also appeared in the programme. It will be enjoyable even if krish and sai dharam tej will only be there for a short while. But then, even if he and pawan kalyan are both there at the filming location, one wonders why director trivikram hasn't shown up on the stage. sithara Vamsi, the producer, was there for the shooting as well. When trivikram and sithara Vamsi spoke on the phone earlier, sithara Vamsi, who was acting in an Unstoppable episode, asked the famous director, "When are you coming? And you are aware of the person you ought to suggest.

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