Historical incident: First paperless assembly of the country!!!

History was created in Nagaland on Saturday, after this, Nagaland has become the first state in the country whose assembly is completely paperless. In this assembly of 60 MLAs, tablet or e-book has been kept on the table of every MLA. For this, the help of the National e-Vidhan application has been taken. Through NeVA App in this tablet or e-book, they can see documents related to the proceedings of the House, etc. Although the Himachal assembly has already become paperless from Nagaland, the NeVA app has not been used there yet.

What is NeVA App?

With the use of the NeVA app, MLAs will not need paper documents. They can access the required documents electronically instantly on their tablets. Papers will also not be needed to keep records of the business of the House.

These states will also soon have the paperless facility

Apart from Nagaland, Bihar, Punjab, Odisha, Meghalaya, Manipur, Gujarat, Arunachal, Puducherry, and Tripura assemblies will also be paperless soon. All these states have also signed a memorandum of understanding to implement the National e-Vidhan System.

What is e-Vidhan System?

The main objective of the e-Vidhan system is to fetch all the Legislative Assemblies of the nation on one electronic medium.  After all the Legislative Assemblies, there is a plan to implement it in the parliament and all the Legislative Councils. According to the current reports, 90 percent of the cost of the e-Vidhan system is being borne by the Central Government. 

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