Google Announces Global Rollout Of gemini Pro On Bard, OpenAI Left Behind In The Race

If OpenAI wishes to stay in the race of Generative AI then it would need to develop the GPT-5 soon.

Just a few hours post Google's gemini took the stage at Machine Learning Developers Summit 2024 (MLDS), the tech giant announced the release of gemini Pro across the globe. gemini Pro in Bard will be available in more than 40 languages and across 230 countries. The double-check feature that the Bard comprises is currently being used by millions in english and will expand to more than 40 languages. The upgraded version of Bard will allow text-to-image generation that will be powered by the latest Imagen-2 model which is speculated to be better than OpenAI’s Dall.E2.

To maintain a clear differentiation between visuals generated with Bard and authentic human-created artwork, Bard utilizes SynthID to incorporate digitally recognizable watermarks into the pixels of the generated images.

Is OpenAI Slowly Losing Out?

The direct integration of OpenAI in ChatGPT can be considered similar to Gemini’s integration on Bard. However, google seems to be sorted with several other releases.  The announcements come at a time when the tech giant seems to be cruising past OpenAI steadily. In recent days, Google’s Bard clinched the second position on the HuggingFace Chat Bot Arena Leaderboard and surpassed OpenAI’s GPT-4. 

Now, with the global rollout of gemini Pro, the race between the two tech giants has gained steam. google has been on a roll with numerous generative AI feature releases, with the latest being improvements on google Chrome. google made ChatGPT redundant by introducing the new ‘Help me Write’ feature with which users can prompt Google’s AI to assist with writing requirements. 

Notably, the capabilities of gemini have also been integrated into hardware devices. Last month, Samsung’s new Galaxy AI smartphones were announced with gemini capabilities. Additionally, google also released Lumiere, their text-to-video generation model- something which OpenAI has not cracked till now. 

It appears that OpenAI has a lot of catching up to do. Its next big bet would probably be the release of GPT-5. If that's not the case, then it won’t be long before google emerges as the winner in the race of generative AI race.

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