Huawei's Rival To apple Vision Pro May Be Half The Weight And Price. Expected Specs And More

The lighter weight may alleviate some of the physical discomfort that some apple Vision Pro users experienced, prompting them to return their units.

It is not surprising that Chinese tech giant huawei is allegedly developing a competitor to Apple's Vision Pro spatial computer. As per details shared on the Chinese social media platform Weibo by Li Nan, former marketing director at Meizu (via huawei Central), the upcoming product is rumored to be named huawei Vision and is expected to weigh 350 grams, which is half the weight, when compared to Apple's Vision Pro tipping the scales at 600 grams, the media has reported.

The lighter weight may alleviate some of the physical discomfort that some apple Vision Pro users experienced, prompting them to return their units. Information regarding Huawei's undisclosed headset originates from a Weibo post. In the post, Li not only disclosed the product's name as huawei Vision, a name reportedly trademarked by the company in 2019, but also suggested that it could provide better value compared to the newly launched apple Vision Pro.

According to the post, the mixed-reality headset from huawei could weigh 350g, half the weight of apple Vision Pro's 600g. However, it should be noted that lighter weight doesn't necessarily indicate an inferior product. I also suggested that the Chinese brand might employ the same 4K sony micro-OLED display used in Apple's headset. It's worth noting that many users have lauded the display experience of Apple's wearable as its main highlight. Additionally, rumors suggest that the huawei Vision could be priced at $1,750 (approximately Rs. 1.45 lakh), which is again half the cost of the apple headset.

One drawback mentioned in the post is the absence of a feature similar to apple Vision Pro's EyeSight. This feature projects a replica of the user's eyes onto the outer surface of the glasses, facilitating interaction with non-users. However, some individuals have expressed dislike for this feature, finding it to appear unnatural.

Meanwhile, apple Vision Pro, the inaugural "spatial computer" from apple, has garnered widespread acclaim from reviewers and consumers. Despite encountering some criticism regarding its weight and potential eye strain, anticipation is high for the upcoming iteration of the Vision Pro, a recent report said. 

According to Mark Gurman's insights in news agency Bloomberg’s latest Power On newsletter, the successor to the apple Vision Pro may be "at least 18 months away". This means there could be a potential release in the second half of 2026. Gurman's observations, made after Apple's recent launch of the Vision Pro, indicate that the product is still evolving and presents usability challenges for daily use.

"Apple Inc. is probably at least 18 months away from launching a second-generation Vision Pro," Gurman was quoted as saying in his latest Power On newsletter.

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