Are hybrid vehicles better than electric vehicles?

Hybrid vehicles are capable of combining the driving experience of conventional IC-engined vehicles with the benefits of electric vehicles. Due to the increasing price of petrol and diesel, people are keen to buy electric vehicles. But since the cost of electric vehicles is very high, they have now started buying hybrid vehicles. customers prefer these hybrid vehicles as they are affordable and more efficient than conventional vehicles. Hybrid vehicles have a gasoline engine and an electric motor.  It can run on both fuel and electric power, unlike a conventional fuel vehicle. In conventional cars, the heat generated by the brakes can reduce the performance of the vehicle. But since electricity is generated from a high-voltage battery, electric vehicles use that heat to improve the vehicle's braking system when the brakes are applied. This is the most important difference between conventional cars and electric cars. Hybrid vehicles are powered by a fuel engine and an electric motor. The electric motor uses electrical energy from the electric battery pack in the vehicle. The battery is charged by the braking system. A generator in a fuel engine car also produces electrical energy.
These hybrid vehicles are less expensive as the energy required for the vehicle is available in both ways. The surplus energy produced in the electric motor increases the efficiency of the fuel engine. An electric battery pack provides the necessary power for the electrical devices in the cars including the lights, thus significantly reducing the fuel costs for car owners. In addition, hybrid cars turn on the electric motor first when traveling at low speeds. Thus hybrid vehicles save fuel. The fuel engine is turned on when going to high altitudes or accelerating. Electrical energy is saved when the engine is turned on or off while the vehicle is stationary. If the driver wants to drive the vehicle, it starts automatically by pressing the accelerator pedal. Hybrid vehicles emit less toxic fumes than conventional cars. This benefits the environment. Hybrid vehicles can be divided into four categories. Series Hybrid: These are called range extenders. The fuel engine provides the electrical power required by the vehicle. The generator in it provides power to run the wheels.

Parallel Hybrid: In this the electric motor and fuel engine work simultaneously to drive the car. Braking provides electrical energy to the battery.

Plug-In Hybrids: This type of car is a variation of the above two. It has a large battery pack. This battery needs to be charged externally. It does not release any toxic fumes. Thus customers choose this type of car.

Mild Hybrids: These vehicles are equipped with low-efficiency electric motors. This motor fuel provides electrical energy to the engine when needed. The cost of the battery of hybrid cars is very high so it needs to be taken into consideration. What you should look out for in a high-power battery is its fan builder. Hybrid cars result in benefits for the environment. Its engine is compact and efficient. Braking provides the necessary electrical energy to the car. These are all the advantages of hybrid cars. Whereas the accelerator capacity of these cars is less than conventional cars. Even though car companies have reduced the prices, these are still expensive compared to other cars. The cost of hybrid cars also increases as the engine components require more maintenance.

 Hybrid Cars in indian Market Details-
1. toyota Innova Hycross INR 18L- 31L
 2. toyota Hyryder INR 10L- 20L
3. maruti Suzuki Vitara INR 10L- 20L
4. maruti Suzuki Invicto INR 24L -29L
 5. toyota Vellfire INR 1.2cr - 1.3cr
6. honda City Hybrid, INR 18L - 21L

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