Zomato Introduces Large Order Fleet To Serve Parties Of Up To 50 People: All You Need To Know

Zomato's large order fleet will be marked by all-electric vehicles only. Check out what Goyal tweeted on the new fleet.

Zomato, the popular online food delivery platform, has unveiled the country's first-ever large order fleet. This fleet is tailored to cater to orders for gatherings of up to 50 people, such as parties and events.

The announcement came from Zomato's CEO, Deepinder Goyal, who took to the microblogging platform X (formerly Twitter) to share the news. Goyal highlighted that the new fleet marks a significant shift from the previous practice of relying on multiple regular fleet delivery partners, which often led to subpar customer experiences.

"Today, we are thrilled to introduce India’s first large order fleet, designed to handle all your large (group/party/event) orders with ease. This is an all-electric fleet, designed specifically to serve orders for a gathering of up to 50 people," Goyal announced.

Customer Experience Top Concern

He acknowledged the challenges faced by customers in the past due to the use of conventional delivery methods for large orders. Goyal affirmed the company's commitment to addressing these issues, stating, "Such large orders were earlier served by multiple regular fleet delivery partners, and the customer experience wasn’t what we aspired for."

Goyal also reassured customers that the new fleet is a work in progress, with ongoing enhancements aimed at further improving service quality. "These new vehicles should solve most of the problems our customers face while placing large orders on zomato," he added.

Freshness During Transit

Furthermore, zomato plans to equip these vehicles with additional features to ensure food arrives in optimal condition. Goyal mentioned forthcoming enhancements such as cooling compartments and hot boxes with temperature control, aimed at preserving food freshness during transit.

The introduction of what is claimed to be the country's first large order fleet underscores Zomato's commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction in the competitive online food delivery market. With this initiative, the company aims to redefine the delivery experience for group events, setting a new standard for convenience and reliability.

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