Apple's AI, To Come With iOS 18, Expected To Be Available On-Device Only. Here's What It Means

Apple's AI enhancements will be powered by its proprietary Large language Model (LLM), with all processing being handled locally on the devices.

Apple is expected to introduce artificial intelligence (AI) and generative AI features on iOS 18, which will be announced at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) next month if the rumor mill is to be believed. Now, while late to the AI party, with rivals google and samsung already having introduced their versions of AI on Pixel 8 and Galaxy S24 handsets, apple intends to deploy its on-device AI with a sense of iphone exclusivity, staying true to its ethos so far. 

The Cupertino giant's upcoming AI enhancements will be powered by its proprietary Large language Model (LLM), with all processing being handled locally on the devices, according to insights from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reported through 9To5Mac and SamMobile. The company is expected to leverage the privacy and processing speed advantages of on-device AI in its marketing strategies. These new capabilities are slated to be introduced with iOS 18.

How apple Plans To Deploy Its AI

So, in a nutshell, Apple's AI will only be available on-device (iPhone, iPad) and not via cloud support, which is the case for samsung and its Galaxy phones. 

On-device AI, while offering increased privacy and quicker processing times, lacks the raw computational power of cloud-based AI systems. Nevertheless, apple plans to integrate AI functionalities that are optimized for local processing, potentially enhancing features like siri and auto-reply functions.

What Did samsung Do Differently?

This approach contrasts with Samsung's methodology, which employs a combination of both on-device and cloud-based AI via its own LLM and Google’s Gemini technology. Samsung gives users the flexibility to choose where their data is processed through a simple setting toggle. In the Galaxy S24 and devices upgraded to One UI 6.1 with AI capabilities, the performance of these features can vary, being either swift or slow depending on the complexity of the tasks.

While specific AI features apple plans to unveil with iOS 18 remain undisclosed, there is speculation that the update could improve language translation, typing autocorrect, and photo editing tools. Additionally, recent discussions between apple and Google were reported, hinting at a potential agreement to incorporate gemini in powering certain iOS 18 AI functionalities, though the status of these negotiations has not been confirmed.

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