PM posts a video of bill gates preparing roti!!!

On Saturday, indian prime minister Narendra Modi posted a video of bill gates, the inventor of Microsoft, cooking a roti. Eitan Bernath, a well-known chef, spoke about his trip to bihar before Gates joined him. Modi posted the video to instagram with Gates' name attached. He also promoted the use of millets, calling them "the latest trend in India." 

"Excellent!" he said. "Millets, which are known for being nutritious, are the newest craze in India. There are numerous millet recipes that you can attempt to prepare."

Then Bernath shows how to create a roti from scratch. The two are shown enjoying the roti with a serving of ghee at the end of the film, which begins with Gates attempting to cook it. A lunch with a millet theme was organised by the government for every mp in December, during the winter session of Parliament. The prime minister and his cabinet, together with other party heavyweights, including newly-elected congress leader mallikarjun Kharge, attended the meal.

"During a lavish lunch hosted in parliament, delicacies made with millet were presented as we get ready to declare 2023 the international Year of Millets. It's encouraging to see involvement from all parties, "Modi tweeted about the meal in parliament and posted pictures of it.

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