Video: Snake was drinking water by taking out tongue, dangerous video caught on camera

You must have seen a dog, a cat, and others drinking water, but have you ever seen a snake drink water? Afraid to think about it?

Today we have brought a gem for you from the treasury of social media. Nagina because such videos are rarely seen. Seeing this, you will also shudder once because it is a snake here, and even if you see it crawling, fear comes. In such a situation, how can no one be afraid of seeing this flabby tongue of a snake drinking water? There are many videos of snakes on the internet but this video will surprise you. In the video, the snake is seen drinking water from the glass. We are sure that you must not have seen a snake drinking water like this before. 

In the video, you will see that the snake is drinking water by putting its mouth in the glass. Everyone is shocked to see this. Because before this no one has seen a snake drinking water like this. Like other animals, he is also drinking water with his tongue out. For example, dogs, cats, or other animals drink water with the help of their tongue. This video of the snake has been shared with a verified instagram account named Pubity. The video has been watched by more than 1 crore people so far and it has been liked by more than 3 lakh people.

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