Chinese spy balloon flew over the US nuclear launch site..!?

It has been reported that if the Chinese spy balloon is shot down, the people will be affected. There is an air Force Base in Kashaddi, Montana, USA. This air force base has a nuclear launch pad. The site is one of only three nuclear launch sites in the United States. This air Force Base has multiple layers of security. In this case, last Wednesday, a huge white-colored mystery balloon flew several feet above the airspace of this nuclear weapons launch site. It has been reported that this balloon is a Chinese spy balloon. A secret Chinese spy balloon has reportedly collected secret information about a nuclear launch site. A US Defense Department official said that the spy balloon was flying at a height higher than that of commercial aircraft, and so far the balloon has not caused any military or other harm to the people on the ground. Officials of the Defense Department have said that if the Chinese spy balloon is shot down, it could affect the people, necessary steps have been taken to prevent the collection of secret information and efforts are underway to land the balloon.

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