Video: In a real train, a child is playing Subway Surfer...

You must have played the Subway Surfers smartphone game a lot, but its real-life video has also gained attention. Such videos go viral on the internet every day which surprises people. We used to see a few people press their fingers under their teeth. On social media, one such video is becoming very popular. Actually, it also looks related to a video game and in this, a child is seen running on the roof of a moving train.

All of you must have played the popular mobile game Subway Surfers, where a child is constantly seen running in the opposite direction on railway tracks and train roofs to escape from someone. Children also like this game a lot, but one child started doing the same in reality.

The child is seen climbing on the roof of a moving train and running in the opposite direction of the train. Its video has surfaced on instagram and people are giving different reactions to this video, some are calling it interesting and some are calling it dangerous to explain to the child.

Climbing on the roof of a train is risky in itself and running in the opposite direction in a moving train is considered like risking life or inviting Yamraj. In such a situation, children and elders should avoid doing such stunts in the greed of going viral because it can be very dangerous.

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