General Maharaja Working with Ravanasura at the moment is ravi Teja, who is overseen by Sudheer Varma. The film is being co-produced by ravi Teja and abhishek Nama under the RT Teamworks and abhishek Pictures brands. Today saw the release of a unique Harshavardhan Rameswar-composed movie track. s t

This movie's theme song will give you the chills. The song will undoubtedly improve ravi Teja's persona because of the fantastic composition. The cherry on top are the vocals provided by Shanti people and Novlik. The singers croon Ravanasura's many monikers. The video's images depict the Shanti People's performance. The film's leading actresses are Anu Emmanuel, Megha Akash, Faria Abdullah, daksha Nagarkar, and Poojitha Ponnada, and it will be released on april 7th this summer.

The producers declared earlier today that Ravana Anthem would be released this evening. It very recently became available. The song's lyrics are sung by harika Narayan, Harshavardhan, Novlik, and Shanti people, and it was composed by Harshavardha Rameshwar. The anthem is vivacious and upbeat. The singers performed the song yesterday night at Hyderabad's Prism. The big cinematic debut of the all-Indian film is scheduled for april 7, 2023 across the globe.

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