Free Biryani on Valentine's Day..!?

On Valentine's Day, a restaurant in Assam's silchar district, Khana Kasana, has offered free biryani to those who are single and not in love. In this regard, in an advertisement released by the restaurant, the restaurant has consoled that this offer is so as not to be sad on Valentine's Day. The restaurant is said to be offering a free half-plate biryani to all singles to make their "stomachs feel loved". The owner of the restaurant told chiranjeevi Goswami that biryani is free for singles coming here. Singles should have some options on Valentine's Day, right?
To the question of how to find out if someone is single, he cannot find out if someone is in love or single. But the owner said that if anyone approaches the owner, he will consider them and give them free food. It is celebrated annually on february 14. In that regard, another incident has taken place in Guwahati, the capital of Assam. That is, a restaurant there refuses to serve food to suspected citizens and illegal immigrants.While 'Karoli Restaurant claims to serve Assamese cuisine, the menu lists dishes like chicken, pork, mutton, and more. However, the restaurant has come under fire for stating at the end of its menu that it does not serve food to illegal immigrants and suspected citizens.

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