Flesh-Eating bacteria in the sea..!?

Usually, when you see the sea... it is natural that you want to bathe on the beach, have fun, and play with the waves. If you bathe on the beach, there will be plenty of other people who will enjoy it. At this time, a woman took a bath on the beach and took her life! If you go to the beach to take a bath and take your life... It's because of a small injury caused by the friction of the water that you don't know how or what happened, you were washed away by the waves, suffocated in the water, or injured by any fish! Unbelievable as it may be...it's true! Going into the details... Jennifer Barlow (33) is a woman on a trip to the bahamas in the US. At that time she got a small injury on her leg from the sea water. She thought that it was not a serious injury to be considered... She just wrote something like a small cream or ice cream on it and took the light. But no matter how many days this small wound does not heal. A wound as small as a small ant... started turning into a wound struck with a strong rod. She was worried about this. In this process one day Spruha lost her temper and fell down. Upon realizing this, her brother immediately took her to the hospital. After observing her condition, the doctors confirmed that she was suffering from septic shock. In this process, not only her leg was very swollen... all the skin there became hot. The heat of the whole body.. the heat of that one place has become so hot that it has nothing to do with it. During this time, she remained in a coma for about two weeks. Doctors said this happened when the bacteria entered her bloodstream. The bacteria that affected the brain then started affecting the kidneys and liver. In this process, breathing also became difficult. Doctors noticed the situation and started an operation to remove the tissue from the injured area. Approximately 12 operations were performed due to bacterial proliferation. However, with no result... doctors finally removed her leg. If you think the little bacteria... it worked a bit like this. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has responded to these matters. As part of this, it is said that every year in America, there are about 500 to 1500 unrelated cases of necrotizing fasciitis. At the same time, it was revealed that about 20 percent of them were fatal. In the same order... it has been said that one in five people may die due to this infection. So... be careful at the beaches from now on. If there is any minor injury while enjoying the seawater, it is better to consult the doctors immediately!!

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