Ajith grabbed the phone and deleted his video..!?

Actor ajith, who is on a tour with his family in dubai, has caused controversy when he snatched his fan's phone and deleted the video. Actor ajith is currently in the making of the movie Vidamuyarchi. The first phase of the film was shot in Azerbaijan. After that, they conducted the second phase of shooting in Dubai. Meanwhile, Ajith's family went to dubai last week for the New Year celebrations. A video of ajith going on a boat with his wife and family went viral.

Subsequently, a video of actor ajith performing at a New Year's party with a female fan in dubai was released on the internet and spread like wildfire. ajith is being videotaped wherever he goes. In this situation, a video that has been released today has given a little shock to Ajith's fans.

In that video, the actor ajith took the phone of a fan who had taken a video of him and he deleted the video and then gave it to the fan again. Ajith's fans are displeased with this action of Ajith. The incident was captured on video by another fan nearby.
This is not the first time that the actor has behaved angrily towards fans like this, before this a fan tried to take a selfie with actor ajith when he came to vote in the assembly elections held in 2021. After grabbing his cell phone, he warned the person and returned the phone. One such incident is currently taking place in Dubai.

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