A fan entered the stadium and hugged Virat..!?

 After 14 months after playing in the second t20 match against Afghanistan, virat kohli got a place in the indian t20 team. Due to this, the fans were waiting for yesterday's game with great anticipation. indore was in a frenzy because virat kohli was playing. In this match, virat kohli, instead of being the opener, came in as the number three batsman as usual and scored 29 runs off sixteen balls. Virat Kohli's brilliant performance gave the fans a good celebration.
In this situation, when the indian team was playing, a fan suddenly entered the stadium hugged virat kohli, and fell on his feet. After this, the security guards at the stadium picked up the fans and dragged them away. Then virat kohli told those fans not to do anything. At this point, the police arrested the fan. In the investigation, he said that he was a big fan of kohli and that he did this to hug Kohli. However, there has been a demand that bcci should give importance to security in homes. In this situation, the video of entering the fan stadium and hugging kohli is now on social media.

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