Culinary lovers are breaking down conventional taste limits. You may wonder how? A street food seller in kolkata has launched a new dish called Biryani Momo. Yes, the new recipe has chicken biryani packed inside a momo.

A food blogger posted a video of 'Biryani Momo' on his instagram feed, 'haomaokhaovlogs', with the hopes of providing people with a unique fusion that would enrich their gastronomic experience.

In the video, the food blogger can be seen taking a taste of the biryani momo and complimenting it in front of the camera. 

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"This is Kolkata's first biryani momo! Yes, you heard it correctly! Momo Chayee offered a fresh concept! "Will you try this or not?" says the Kolkata-based food blogger in the video's description.

Meanwhile, nobody was pleased with this unusual food. With over a million views, the video garnered harsh criticism from viewers.

"Destroyed the whole ethnicity of momo as well as biriyani," the user wrote. Another commenter labelled the video "How to destroy two delicacies at the same time."

"Being a social media influencer comes with some responsibilities," says another remark.

As feedback poured in, some derided the new meal. Other users claimed that their feelings were harmed.

Does this meal appeal to you?

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