Ireland Fan Wrote a letter To Pawan..!? Brought tears..?

His fan in ireland has written a letter to Jana Sena chief Pawan. In the letter, he revealed his faith in the janasena party and Pawan. janasena chief pawan kalyan is thinking more about his own party than his fans are expecting. Not only did they support the party, but they also developed immense admiration. They are also looking for the victory of the party in the upcoming elections. In this sequence, janasena fans are responding from everywhere. Apart from the two telugu states, many pawan kalyan fans in the world are also hoping that the party will survive and pawan kalyan will recover. Recently, a fan who has been staying in ireland for the past 17 years has written a letter to pawan kalyan himself. The fan called to strengthen the party. The party formed in 2014 has become stronger in 2019. It should be strong in 2024. A fan who introduced himself as ``Oda Kalasi'' wrote this letter in his own handwriting and sent it to Pawan Kalyan. The fan said that there is a need to proceed with war readiness.

The letter read as follows: For all those like me who leave my country and find happiness in humiliation abroad, citing hardships, tears, and debts as the reasons... only hope is in you! Somewhere in the forests of bolivia (Baliviya Forest) can't you find a new form for the revolution that you thought was over? Even though I have not been in this country for 17 years, I am not able to give up indian citizenship with love for this country. All those like me who are waiting.. we will be strong for you who are standing for us.

2014 - Standing
2019 - Stronger
2024 -Let's meet strong!

Be careful when you get in the car.. Don't pay attention to the people who crash the car. Even if you are going to Karyonmukhudi, you will be full of power. You are the Power Star!! You are a leader who leads the state toward progress. - A ship arrived from Ireland.
Pawan tweeted: " My janasena fan who is working as a sailor in ireland has received your letter. As soon as he read it, his voice filled with sadness. You brought tears, said Pawan Kalyan. However, it must be said that Pawan Kalyan, who has got so much love and so many fans, has got more responsibility. It must be said that apart from the fans who are seen in front of his eyes, many people follow and observe him on the screen as well. And we have to see how pawan kalyan will move forward to keep the hopes and faith of his fans stronger. However, observers say that more responsibility has increased for Pawan and he will have to be very careful.

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